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Global FiberVision, Inc. is the manufacturer of fiber optic and high-speed data transfer products for the home and industry – cabling and connections.  Founded in August 2002, we serve the private network and fiber-to-the-home markets for high speed data transferal and custom made optical fiber. Headquartered near beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, we support global sales and our regional economy.

Speed, Precision, Delivery
The lowest prices for highest quality cabling and connections in the industry.

We use Corning optical glass as the basis for our fiber products.

Our Founders

Bob DuncanRobert (Bob) Duncan, president & CEO

If two words could describe Bob Duncan’s work ethic, it would be “consistent” and “persistent.” With over 35 years in corporate manufacturing, engineering, and production management, Bob understands how to bring excellence into building and making quality products.

His philosophy stems from believing that quality people are 99% of an organization’s success. Trusting and empowering your workforce, along with working with top quality vendors, and suppliers, help Global FiberVision to pioneer a new way of thinking about high-speed data transfer.

In roles with telecommunication and engineering firms, he has lead hundreds of teams to manufacture products that ensure the quality of communications for many of our nation’s largest phone service providers, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and cable distributors.

Working with Global FiberVision, Inc. means working with people who value customer service, quality, and fast delivery, and who stand behind every commitment.

“Building long-term relationships with our customers is a mission critical goal; we intend to demonstrate consistency and quality in everything that we do.” – Bob Duncan, Founder and CEO


Rhonda DuncanRhonda Duncan, secretary/treasurer

As the Secretary and Treasurer of Global FiberVision, Inc., Rhonda is responsible for being accountable to many groups with customer relations, accounting and billing.  She has 30 years of working directly with customers, managing accounting functions, selling product, and most importantly delivering what she says she is going to deliver.

With an attention to detail and a focus on organization, Rhonda works to lead Global FiberVision, Inc. to success.

Our Products

At Global FiberVision, Inc. we use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality components to provide fiber optic pigtails and patchcords that assure no lost data at an affordable cost. We quickly produce high quality custom length cables with a variety of connections and and offer other related retail products.  See our Home Page for product categories.


products-fiberWe use Corning glass in singlemode and multimode styles with stock available in simplex, duplex, and multiple fiber counts up to 144 fibers in indoor, indoor/outdoor, and ribbon fiber. Our main cable manufacturers are Prysmian, OCC, and Sumitomo but we can get exactly what you need.



products-connectorsWe will custom cut your product to your length. Standard connectors include SC, SCAPC, ST, FC, LC and LCAPC. Other connector styles are available.



products-adaptersIn addition, we can provide a number of different types of fiber adapters to meet your needs. These include SC, FC, ST, LC, LCAPC and SCAPC in any combination. We can also provide any of your consumable needs.



We also carry a line of Specialty Products including Optical Waveguide Chips and Fiber Optic Attenuators.

Our Process

Quality and cost control are a critical part of our process. At Global FiberVision, Inc. we use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly developed processes provide consistent quality.

  • We use the best production equipment available on the market today.
  • Our Domaille polishers are known world-wide.
  • Our testing procedures are comprehensive, assuring only the best quality product – and it is guaranteed to be free of defects.
  • At Global FiberVision, Inc. we only use the best test equipment on the market today. Our JDS equipment is reliable and reputable. Our process produces average insertion losses of 0.06 to 0.12dB and return loss averaging -62dB.
  • You don’t need to clean our connectors – we assure our product is 100% clean with a 400x magnification inspection as the final step in our process. We will send along a cleaning wipe to use on any competitor’s connector so you know your connection will be clean.

Our Customers

We work with many of the following groups:

  • Contractors
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • And much more…

Consistent, Persistent, made in the USA: Now that’s dedication that you can depend on when buying products from Global FiberVision, Inc.

Partnering with Global FiberVision, Inc

We offer opportunities for corporate partnering on several levels. Contact us for more information.

Direct Partnership

By reading our Products section, and learning more about our corporate philosophy, you will find that we are a credible company with long-term revenue plans. In forming a partnering relationship between Global FiberVision, Inc. and your company we have the potential to create revenue for both companies. Through a partnership we could provide a service to our mutual customers that would not be possible without the two companies working closely together.

Two examples of how this might look
  1. Global FiberVision, Inc. supplies fiber jumpers to an installation company/fiber contractor who specializes in work with the federal government.
  2. Global FiberVision, Inc. works with your company who may not have the local presence in the Northwest but may have a customer who needs local support.


Reselling Relationship

Do you have a product that fits within the market area of Global FiberVision, Inc. and want to increase its sales exposure? We can establish a reselling relationship to help promote your product.
Benefit – The benefit would be a pass-through sale into a market area and customers that you may not normally access.

Vendor Relationship

We buy large quantities of raw materials and consumables from your company, and establish a loyal relationship between Global FiberVision, Inc. and your company.
Benefit – The benefit to your company is a loyalty from Global FiberVision, Inc. to buy the majority of its needs from you.

Contact us for more information about any of the above partnering options.